Our history and stories

Hello, I am Stella!


It is just me, I'm here with my friend cricket to guide you in our wonderful company .

We met at the door of this house, when I entered it for the first time and since then we are inseparable.


We live in the enchanting Sabina, full of history, countries and places to visit and discover.


Visit us and discover how we live together with our family, the way we grow our products in a natural way, that you can taste the freshest seasonal or transformed into delicious jams, creams, desserts and much more


Our agricultural part joins the farm, offering guests, hospitality and the opportunity to stay as well as to actively participate in agricultural activities .


You will meet our animal friends: Artù and Flora our dogs , Titty the cat, Lella the donkey and the inevitable chickens, geese and turkeys.


Stella will give you all to convey the love and excitement of living in contact with nature.


See you there!

O & O Società Agricola Semplice -  P.IVA 01076520574 - Contrada Sala n. 5 - Via Rocchette - 02044 Forano (RI)
Tel./fax: +39 0765-515008 - Cell: +39 347-0565540 - info@stellaeilgrillo.com